World Doula Week

WDW 2018Every World Doula Week (March 22-28), we raise ‘moolah for doulas’ to support our life-changing Doula Support Program.

This year we aimed to raise $10,000 in 7 days to support more women in need. Our amazing community responded loudly and donated $13,450 to smash our target. With the support of a couple of generous philanthropists, every donation made was TRIPLED and the total raised soared to $40,350. This is phenomenal and will enable us to recruit and train more doulas, provide tailored support for each woman who needs our help, cover the costs of interpreters and advocate for more equitable access to maternal health care for all women.

You can still donate your ‘Moolah for Doulas’ through our mycause page here.

Throughout the campaign we also shared a series of wonderful stories of our volunteer doulas and the women they support here on Medium – see firsthand why this work is so life-changing.