Doula of the Year one of our very own!

At the bewitching Abbotsford Convent over the weekend gathered a couple of hundred of Melbourne’s doula and birth worker community. Saturday night’s Gala Dinner was the stage for the announcement of the Doula of the Year award: supporting mothers and families for better birth outcomes and healthier families.

As the organisers have said: Being a doula takes great passion, commitment, the ability to be present, unwavering strength and compassion; and, a lot of energy! Often, doulas work in isolation with lots of reward – but, very little recognition. Until now.

There were lots of nominations for doulas who go above and beyond, including almost a dozen of whom are amongst our team of volunteer doulas so you can imagine how excited we were when they announced volunteer doula and all-round Wonder Woman, Bethany Meakin, was this year’s Doula of the Year!

Congratulations Bethany! And a big congratulations to all of the other nominees and incredible doulas around the country doing this work of ‘mothering the mother’ and being alongside women and families experiencing the most intimate of life transitions.