200 women!

 image003“At 6am this morning, while many of us were probably still asleep, a woman caught a tram by herself to a Melbourne hospital. Pregnant with her first baby, this woman doesn’t speak English, she doesn’t have a partner or support person and, until yesterday, she didn’t have a doula.

We received the referral 24 hours ago from one of our community partners desperately seeking birth support for her, knowing what an impact the support of a doula could make to this woman’s birth experience. Our magnificent doulas rose to the challenge and, with one of our most experienced doulas by her side, she is birthing right now. What an honour to support such courageous and resilient women.

Every day there are women right here in Melbourne who birth without much support. We can’t reach them all. But we did reach this one. Thank you to our volunteer doulas for rising to the challenge and to you for your support as we try and put the kindness back into birth culture one woman at a time.”

You might have seen this on our Facebook page in late January. It was our most highly shared post ever and one that made us so proud of the work we do here at Birth for Humankind.

Well, it turns out that this woman, the woman on the tram, was in fact the 200th client we have supported through our Doula Support Program! While hers wasn’t necessarily a typical scenario being referred so late in her pregnancy, it is exactly why this program exists: to support women to feel less isolated, fearful and alone, and to feel more confident, connected and empowered to make informed choices for herself and her baby.

To give you an idea of some of the barriers and challenges those 200 women we have supported are facing…

of the women... grouped

Supporting 200 women since 2014 is amazing. But you can imagine how many more women are in need of a service like this. There is so much more demand than we can meet.  
Every year we hold our major fundraising campaign during World Doula Week (March 22-28) to raise much-needed money so we can reach more women. It’s coming up and we want you to be there when it does!