Referrals to Birth for HumanKIND

We provide free services for women who are experiencing financial hardship and at least one of the following:

  • Under 25
  • Refugee, asylum seeker background or newly arrived migrant
  • Homelessness or a history of trauma, abuse or family violence
  • At risk of perinatal depression and/or anxiety
  • History of mental health issues
  • History of substance misuse
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Lacking a birth support person

If you are not sure if you or your client meet our eligibility criteria, please contact us to discuss, as we assess each referral on a needs and availability basis.

We welcome self-referrals from expectant mothers and referrals from agencies and services. Referrals can be made at any stage during the pregnancy. The service is free of charge and based on need.

Please be aware that referral does not guarantee a volunteer doula due to the availability of volunteers and the volume of referrals we may be receiving. The earlier out from a woman’s Estimated Due Date that we receive a referral, the higher the chances of a volunteer doula being available.


To refer to our Doula Support Program, please email a completed Referral Form to or call 1300 073 086 for more information. 

We are also able to supply brochures for your agency to distribute to potential clients alongside an info pack for agencies in understanding and recommending our service. Please email us to request an Agency Info Pack.