Our Board

Meet our Board!

Real people doing really great things, for the love of it…

Established in June 2015, our Board of Directors is made up of passionate and experienced individuals who bring a raft of practice, business, and non-profit knowledge to govern and steer Birth for HumanKIND – towards a better future for our mothers, children and families.

We warmly introduce you to:

Kirstan Flannery – Chairperson & Co-Founder

Kirstan is the Co-Founder of Birth for HumanKIND and a certified doula working in private practise as Birth Wise. She believes ‘mothering the mother’ and nurturing babies within thriving environments is a significant key to creating healthy communities. Motivated by and committed to social change in action, Kirstan has provided mentoring and philanthropic support to various non-profit enterprises. She ensures projects are designed with sustainable foundations in order to generate long-term service and availability in the community. Collaborative projects include Centre for Social Change and Recre8 Bush Adventure Therapy. Her community spirit and special interest in maternal child health care prevails in both her work and personal relationships.


Raj Gopiraj – Treasurer

Raj has more than 10 years’ experience in both commercial and non-for-profit sectors and has lived and worked in Australia and USA.  Raj serves as a non-executive director for Asha Global (appointed March 2015) and Bendigo Bank – Prahran and Windsor branch (appointed May 2015), and is an advisor with Australian Red Cross on corporate partnerships and relationship management. Raj began his career as a consultant at AECOM and interned with the United Nations in New York on Project Umoja. He is currently the priority account portfolio manager within PwC. Raj brings a vast array of skills in business development, financial & risk management, business strategy planning and partnerships. Raj has previously been nominated and shortlisted for the International New Face of Engineering Award, sponsored by the US National Engineers Week Foundation.


Mei Lai Swan – General Director & Founder

Mei Lai is the founder of Birth for HumanKIND and currently manages our rapidly growing organisation, with a hands-on and participatory approach. Her inspiration for Birth for HumanKIND came through a diverse background in social work/community development, as a doula, and as a yoga teacher – all fuelled by immense amounts of passion and a desire for a socially just and thriving world. She has experience developing, managing and delivering psycho-social and community development programs for Aboriginal communities, youth, and asylum seekers, and is currently completing her Master of Social Work with a focus on cross-cultural counselling and community development. For Mei Lai, it’s a simple equation: Birth for HumanKIND = Birth Support + Social Justice + Heart, for healthier mums, babies and communities.


Carly Lord – General Director

Carly is the young mum who was the inspiration behind Birth for HumanKIND, after Mei Lai was her volunteer doula in 2013. Carly has been involved as an adviser, advocate and presenter for various projects at the Royal Women’s Hospital. She is a powerful spokesperson and advocate for young mums, and currently works in mental health facilitating peer support groups. Carly is also involved with Birth for HumanKIND’s education program, creating resources and programs for young parents.