Annual Report 2014-2016 ~ The journey so far

It is such a privilege to be able to reflect on and share with you the Birth for HumanKIND journey so far! We are incredibly proud of the work we do and what we have achieved to date. The results show, and we are sure you would agree, that this work is greatly needed.

We want to thank each and every person who has offered their dedication and support to our work, in so many ways. We feel very privileged and grateful to be able to do this work, and to see women, babies and families supported through the crucial and precious time of pregnancy and birth, so that our children and our communities can grow strong and thrive.

In our Annual Report 2014-2016, titledĀ ‘The journey so far’, you will read about how we began, gain insights into the women and families we support and see our impact and achievements over the past two years. Click on the image below to view ourĀ report and to view our Audited Financial Statement click here.

Annual Report Front Cover
















Cover illustration and design by Susan Croke